Barry is the sole owner and operator of Augusta Butchers. He has been in the industry for over 40 years. He started in the industry in Merredin, where he learnt his trade (and cheeky traits) from his, then manager, of the Merredin Meat Forum – Len Jones. And even after all these years, Len still visit’s the Augusta Butchers “To keep an eye on him”.

After his apprenticeship, Barry moved to the wonderful location of the south west. Where he worked for Merv Cross in Augusta for a short time before heading further north to work in the abattoirs under the management Keith & Jenny Blonde. Baz then started working for Nelson Rogers in Margaret River. There is a photo of Barry working in that store from years ago, hanging on the wall in Barry’s current shop. Barry worked for Nelson for about ten and a half years.

Barry had a break from Butchering and pursued different odd jobs until 2009 when he purchased the Augusta Butchers from Nevill Brooks. Then after years of settling back down into the butchering game in Augusta, Barry realised that a helping hand would not go astray. So …… enters the new apprentice …. Archie Brooks.

Archie has just started out in the industry and his natural instincts have taken over. He has his cheeky banter with some of the local customers and has even been caught giving a hug to few of the older lady customers in Augusta.